Friday, April 27, 2012

Official Las Vegas May Day Press Release

General Strike & March in Support of Immigrant & Workers’ Rights on May 1st

On May 1st, 2012 the people of Las Vegas will participate in a day of action in solidarity with immigrants and workers of the world. We will join national efforts to support comprehensive immigration reform and denounce the passage of unjust laws that target the working poor, people of color, women, queer people, transgender people, im/migrants and other marginalized communities.

Economically disenfranchised communities continue to be oppressed as a result of the greed of corporations and governments; therefore, we are calling on our communities to take part in a general strike. We ask the community to not participate in the system for one day by abstaining from spending money, buying gas, going to school or work. Instead, come out into the street and march alongside us!

The March will begin at Commercial Center District and end at the Lloyd George Federal Building in downtown Las Vegas. The March will be followed by a rally and vigil at the Federal Building.

WHAT: May 1st Annual Immigrant & Workers’ Rights March, Rally and Vigil
WHEN: Saturday, May 1st 2012 at 4:30 p.m.
WHERE: At the Commercial Center District, 953 East Sahara Avenue, LV 89104
Points of Unity:
  • Denounce and end the unprecedented number of deportations by the Obama administration 
  • Support Family Reunification. 
  • Close the immigrant detention centers. 
  • End anti-immigrant segregation in education: 
  • Support the Dream Act. 
  • No to the wall; no to the militarization of the border. 
  • Support same Sex bi-national couples: Support the Uniting American Families Act. 
  • Stop femicide along the US-Mexico Border. 
  • Stop the abusive, inhumane and genocidal treatment of immigrants. 
  • Support workers’ rights to organize. 
  • End Secure Communities, E-Verify, Arizona’s SB 1070, and Alabama’s HB 56. 
  • Stop using the term “illegal”. 
  • End the criminalization of and provide protection for Queer, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender immigrants.
For more information, please contact Jasmine Rubalcava by Phone: (702) 900-4918 or email us at: