Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Opportunity for IWW Organizer Training in Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Industrial Workers of the World GMB will be hosting Organizing 101 Training on June 1st and 2nd at La Plaza del Encuentro (714 4th St SW). The training is open to any worker, employed or unemployed. There is a $5 registration fee and $30 suggested donation. 

About the Training
IWW's Organizer Training provides workers with the training needed to organize at their jobs. The training provides a foundation in U.S. labor law, and gives workers direct action tactics necessary to assert their rights on the job, with or without union representation.

The training also covers the basics of building an organizing committee, reaching out to coworkers through one-on-one meetings, and building strength up to the point of going public with a union. Learn to organize in your workplace through discussion with experienced organizers, workshops, role-playing, and other exercises.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days. A vegan option will be available. Training materials will also be provided.

To register: email or call 505-255-4684

About the IWW 

The IWW is a radical rank and file union, founded in 1905, that is open to all workers, regardless of occupation. The Albuquerque IWW is active and organizing in the education and food service sectors.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Las Vegas IWW's Monthly Meeting and May Day After Party (5-4-13)

The Las Vegas IWW at May Day 2013
The Las Vegas Industrial Workers of the World will be holding our official monthly meeting on Saturday, May 4th at 4pm at the Sunrise Coffee shop on Sunset between Eastern and Pecos (see below for map). Among other things we will be celebrating and reminiscing about the recently concluded May Day march.

Despite some initial misgivings about some outside organizations attempting to exploit the International Day of the Worker for their own misguided purposes, this years May Day turned out great and there was an impressive visible turnout by Las Vegas' IWW crew. Everyone that was there and helped to hold the ground for the true spirit of May Day deserves an enormous pat on the back.

We also will be discussing and finalizing our official bylaws, and potentially electing a treasurer, delegates, and other necessary positions for our branch to be certified as an official GMB along with other formalities such as when we will officially meet, on what days, how long meeting should last and other related issues.

This meeting is an open meeting and can be attended by the general public. Prospective members and those wishing to find out more about the IWW are welcome to attend, but will not be able to participate directly in any decisions or votes that might take place.

What is the IWW?:

The IWW is a member-run union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities. IWW members are organizing to win better conditions today and build a world with economic democracy tomorrow. We want our workplaces run for the benefit of workers and communities rather than for a handful of bosses and executives.

We are the Industrial Workers of the World because we organize industrially. This means we organize all workers producing the same goods or providing the same services into one union, rather than dividing workers by skill or trade, so we can pool our strength to win our demands together. Since the IWW was founded in 1905, we have made significant contributions to the labor struggles around the world and have a proud tradition of organizing across gender, ethnic and racial lines long before such organizing was popular.

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